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"The act of rubbing two body parts together to produce a sound.  Sounds are usually made when a scraper is rubbed across a finely ridged surface.  Most common in grasshoppers and crickets, but beetles, true bugs

and spiders also produce sound this way."

"Stridulations for the Good Luck Feast" is a collection of 13 percussion miniatures by Billy Martin.

In my adaption for guitar I tried to avoid the obvious golpe & drumming effects,

using mainly flageolets, pizzicato & palm muted notes instead.
In a way I feel like these sounds are somehow closer to the stridulating sounds of insects.
Sometimes the guitars are prepared with sticks, plastic clamps or aluminium foil.
None of the tracks or voices are looped, all is played in real time.
I also put the miniatures in a different order to make them work together as a whole.

Pascal Fricke, November 2015


(source: booklet text)